Agenda 2023

High Risk Emergency Medicine Wine Country
Course Dates: June 27 - 30, 2023
Course# MEM23003
Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn

Course# MEM23003
Course Dates: June 27-30, 2023


TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2023
 6:15 AM   Registration and Continental Breakfast  
 6:45   Welcome  Drs. Jeffrey Tabas and Carol Chen
 7:00 G Pearls and Pitfalls in the ED Management of CHF  Dr. Amal Mattu
 7:30 G Pressors: Pearls and Pitfalls Dr. Zlatan Coralic
 8:00 G Acidosis: Pearls and Pitfalls Dr. Craig Smollin
 8:30 G Wide Complex Tachycardia Cases  Dr. Amal Mattu
 9:30   Break  
 9:45 P, T, G, S Challenging Cases in Dizziness  Dr. Nida Degesys
10:15 P, T, G Aortic Disasters Dr. Brian Lin
10:45 P The Precipitous Delivery Dr. Christopher Colwell
11:15 P, T Advanced Wound Repair: Tips and Tricks  Dr. Brian Lin
11:45   Lunch on Your Own   
1:15 PM G EKG Workshop: Pearls and Pitfalls in Diagnosing Ischemia Dr. Amal Mattu
 3:15   Adjourn  
 6:30 AM   Continental Breakfast  
 7:00 G, T, S Anticoagulation: Pearls and Pitfalls  Dr. Zlatan Coralic
 7:30 G, T, S Antidos and Antidon’ts  Dr. Craig Smollin
 8:00 G Cardiology Literature 2023 Update  Dr. Amal Mattu
 8:30 G.T, P Geriatric Falls: Pearls and Pitfalls  Dr. Nida Degesys
 9:00   Recognizing and Managing Patient and Provider Bias and Racism in the ED  Dr. Rosny Daniel
 9:30   Break  
 9:45 G, N ACLS Update  Dr. Jeffrey Tabas 
10:15 G, T The Failed Airway Dr. Kayla Enriquez
10:45 G, T, S, P Tips and Tricks in Agitated and Psychotic Patients  Dr. James Hardy
11:15 G, T, P Orthopedic Critical Care without an Orthopedist  Dr. Derek Ward
11:45   Lunch on Your Own  
 1:15 G, T, P Joint Reduction Workshop (Additional fee and pre-registration required)  
 3:15 PM   Adjourn  
 6:30 AM   Continental Breakfast  
 7:00 P, T, G Challenging Cases in Patients with Blunt Trauma  Dr. Christopher Colwell
 7:30 T, G Challenging Trauma Airway Cases  Dr. Kayla Enriquez
 8:00 P, T, G Pitfalls in Use of EFAST Dr. Starr Knight
 8:30 P, T, G Challenging Cases in Patients with Penetrating Trauma Dr. Joseph Cuschieri
 9:00 P, T, G Trauma Q&A  Drs. Colwell, Cuschieri, Knight, and Enriquez
 9:30   Break  
 9:45 P, T, G, S Debrief After Challenging ED Events: Taking Care of Our Team Dr. Eric Isaacs and Rachel Perry Limon RN
10:15 G, S ED Management of Atrial Fibrillation  Dr. Jeffrey Tabas
11:15 G Diabetic Medications and Devices: Challenging Cases Dr. Rosny Daniel
11:45   Lunch on Your Own  
 1:15 G, T Ultrasound Workshop (Additional fee and pre-registration required)  
 3:15 PM   Adjourn  
FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2023
 6:30 AM   Continental Breakfast  
 7:00 G, S Hypertensive Emergency, Urgency or just High Blood Pressure?  Dr. Mimi Lu
 7:30 P, T, G, S Pearls and Pitfalls in Emergency Imaging Dr. Christopher Colwell
 8:00 P, T Infants with BRUE: Is Trouble BRUEing or Is it all just a big BRUE-Ha-Ha?  Dr. Dina Wallin
 8:30 P, T Dangerous and Bad Practices in Kids  Dr. Mimi Lu
 9:30    Break  
 9:45 P A Simplified Approach to Fever in Infants  Dr. Dina Wallin
10:15 P, T Pediatric Orthopedic Can’t Miss Injuries  Dr. Margaret Lin-Martore
10:45 P, T Approach to the Critically Ill Infant  Dr. Carol Chen
11:15 P, T Pediatric Minor Head and Neck Trauma Cases Dr. Margaret Lin-Martore
11:45   Lunch on Your Own  
 1:15 P, T PEM Interactive Case Workshop  Dr. Carol Chen
 3:15 PM   Adjourn  

P = Pain Credit     T = Trauma Credit     G = Geriatric Credit     S = Stroke